marketing mix in lay man language……….

hey friends!!!

Here marketing mix means……mixture of marketing ( good and bad phases…)——–when you have a meeting with your client and its gets over before your office hour (u can simply go home and sleep)…,,,…when your client invites u on dinner…,….when in a very hassle free way they clear off your bills…,….and when u warm up your pocket on the name of T.A..these all are the some good phases of marketing. Now lets check out some bad phases too:————————————————–///

  • when you meet a redundant client….who takes you as a good time pass…
  • when your boss put all his targets on you….but at the end of the day becomes hero by taking all of your credits.
  • when your client treat you as he pays you your salary….
  • there lots more but as my clock showing …..its time to pack….up!!!   (yuppie…i am again alive)

OK bye every1 & bye bye office…..

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